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Current SJSU MLIS students

 Hello - I'm considering going to SJSU for their distance online program. Reading around on other blogs and forums, I haven't been hearing great things, but some of those posts may have been out of date, so I'd like to know what current students and students who have graduated recently have to say about the program. 

How rigorous is the program? How well do you feel prepared upon graduation? Is the School helpful in finding and placing its students in high-quality and hard-to-get internships? Are they helpful in job placement services upon graduation? I have noticed that do seem to have a rather extensive list of internships on their webpage, but most jobs do seem to be in California; I am also interested in internships in NY and DC (I did see some.). I have also heard that some professors can be hard to get ahold of because they are practicing out in the field. How true is this?

I have been hearing from a variety of librarians that it doesn't really matter where your degree comes from as long as it is ALA-accredited, but I have also heard stories of people feeling an "online stigma" is placed upon them by prospective employers when looking for jobs. Does there seem to be an online stigma?

Also, I noticed there is a special librarianship track. Is anyone in this? What is it like? I ask because I am most interested in news and law librarianship, which bring me to my next questions: any first-hand experience with getting news and law librarianship internships, or any professors/lecturers that are really good in those areas? I know Vicky McCargar is a lecturer and she has extensive experience in news librarianship and seems to be rather well-respected in the field. 

And, lastly, I am in southern CA - do they sometimes have meetings at CSU Fullerton for those of us down here? How often, and how helpful are the people associated with the program down here?

Sorry I have so many questions, but it's just such a big decision (as I'm sure you all know!), so I just want to make sure I'm making as informed a decision as possible. Thank you! 
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