Andrew (secretfanofu) wrote in sjsulibrarians,

Oh Noes! 2.0

So I got switched into the Regular session from the Special session.

However, I still dont have a registration time. And the newly opened courses are more than 75% full already.

If i dont get into ANY courses...will I be dropped from the program?
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You got switched or did you ask to get switched?

I asked to be switched from Special to Regular, too, but this was right after I got admitted to the program and well before the registration dates. I suggest contacting either your faculty adviser or someone from the program office for assistance. Scharlee Phillips was very helpful to me when I needed to be switched:

Good luck!
hah, yeah i asked to be switched.

I have contacted Scharlee, she told me that I was already switched by mySJSU still shows me as a special session student without an enrollment time.
That's... weird. Have you tried just enrolling anyway?
It says i dont have an enrollment time.
And my status still says its Special Session.

Im assuming that since this was all done this morning, it just hasnt been processed.

However, by her comments in her emails, it seems like I should already BE in regular session, according to her.

So..ill wait till tomorrow morning. I already emailed my Faculty Advisor so we will see.

As it is, there are no more open core courses. And I think Scharlee said that if I dont enroll in any classes this fall, I'll be dropped from the program. I think that is so unfair, as it's not my fault that the courses filled up.
I'm sorry, that really sucks.

Once you do get an enrollment time: Try sneaking into one non-core course? I know a few of them do not list the core courses as prereqs but at least you could stay in the program by at least taking one, maybe? (Hurrah for technicalities.) I was able to get into one non-core course that didn't have prereqs during my first semester (but I dropped that class).
Im hoping to get into Jeremy Kemp's courses on Machinima and Immersive Virtual Worlds.

Hope they stay open =)
this could be a delay between departments, perhaps?

crossing my fingers for you!
I just checked mysjsu and its still not updated.

=( hopefully by this afternoon!!
Love your icon pic, btw :-) Bourdain rox my world in so many ways.
If I had better luck I'd have his job, but alas I am in grad school and can only dream of having his job.
Did you call the office? It seems like something they would pay attention to post-haste.
I talked to Scharlee about it already and she said the switch has happened.

But My.SJSU doesnt say anything, and i still dont have an enrollment time.

I figure ill give them till about lunch time, then call afterwards.
I understand, I hate it when stuff like this happens.
Dude, Scharlee is the bane of my SLIS life. I have been through so much crap with that woman - I feel your pain. I would recommend actually getting on the phone with your advisor if possible. I'm so sorry you're in this situation but I think Regular Session is better overall as it's cheaper (at least it used to be) and there are more sections per class. You'll get SOMETHING - one class is way better than nothing. is this yer first semester? Good luck!!