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Recommend coursework for first semester library student?

Hi all!

I'm a newbie. I'll be starting Regular Session in Fall 2008 and I don't really know where to begin, other than with the required social networking class. Does anyone have any suggestions on what classes would be best to take in the first and second semesters? I am planning on attending full time (online).

I would love to hear from those of you who have already been there, done that, as well as those who are in the same boat as me!

Thank you all.

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Perhaps you read the post I wrote in this forum recently - what I wrote there is my best advice. As far as classes go 200, 202, 204 are offered concurrently and I think that's a good deal. It will be intense but since they are offered together the classes interact more and the profs understand what you're doing in other classes.

I super duper recommend that you at the very least volunteer in a library. Any kind of library. You need to have library professionals around you while you're in school. SO IMPORTANT! Good luck and don't be a stranger. My thing is young adult services so if you ever wanna know more about teens and library service for them lemme know :-) Rachel Mills Class of 2000

Nope. I did not see your previous post. Sorry if this is duplicative!

I appreciate your suggestion and I was leaning toward that direction on my own, but I had not seen any official suggestions, so I was wondering what the community thought.

I have already applied to volunteer at my local public branch but -- no call back, despite my persistence. Since I will most likely be moving in September, I will probably end up applying to volunteer at a library near my new digs.

Thank you!

Tiffany - Mills 2002

Hey Tiffany,

I moderate this little group here so pleased to meet you. =)

What is the social networking requirement? I started the program in 2006 and have three classes left to go and I did not have to take this.

Just go ahead and take all three core classes, 200, 202 and 204. It will be a lot of work but it is important to get them over with and figure out what direction you want to go in for the rest of your education.



Thank you for your thoughts!

This is why I shouldn't write things from memory.

It's not social networking, though that is how my brain remembered it in shorthand. :)

It is actually:

Required Courses

LIBR 203 is a 1 unit (CR/NC) course required of all students entering SLIS from Fall 2008. It will introduce students to the SLIS elearning environment. It must be completed within the first 4 weeks of the first semester.

Sorry to add to any confusion!

Oh I don't think they gave us a unit for that when I took it. It was about ten minutes long. That's cool you will get credit for it though.

Well let me know if you have anymore questions. My email address is TawnyGnosis@gmail.com
In addition to 200, 202 and 204, I heard that 285 (research methods) may now be a core course. I don't know if it needs to be taken within the first 15 units like the others are, though.

Make sure to sign up for the sjsuslis group on Yahoo, there is a great databsae of course recommendations.
For those of us entering this coming Fall, the only "core" classes are the 200 202 204 and the social networking tools class.

The research course is not a required course yet.

I'm planning on taking only two courses as I will be special session till spring. Planning on moving up too by the end of the year.