inaripup (inaripup) wrote in sjsulibrarians,

Job hunt!

So, I'll be moving up to San Jose sometime this summer, and I figure now is about the time I'd want to start looking for stuff. Particularly, if I could work in a library, that would be great. I looked at the city website, but there's only one position, and it's senior librarian, so no go. I imagine there must be more positions (particularly entry level) open, I just don't know where to look.

So, help, please? I'll have two years experience as a part-time page when I move, if that helps narrow the field down.

And, also, in the case that I don't get a library job, what would you recommend trying out for in the area, and how? If I'm not in a library, I'd want to get some sort of full time (preferably with health) position, maybe as an assistant, receptionist, or secretary.

I'd like to start applying as soon as possible. I just managed to get a job down here, to make ends meet until I move, and that took over a month.

Also, in some sort of financial connection, I was wondering what my chances at financial aid are? I'll probably have some degree of need (I did a prelim FAFSA, so I wont know my true numbrs until late March), I'm just wondering what other people get. I don't care if I don't get free money, but I'm hoping they at LEAST offer enough loans to cover tuition.

Thanks for the help, everyone. It's going to be an interesting year!
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