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giving in to peer pressure since 1981

New Student Intro and So Cal Study/Support Group?

Hi, everyone-

This Fall will be my first semester (Special Session) and I am geekily excited about earning my degree already.

I had initially registered for three classes (10 units including 203!) but reluctantly dropped LIBR 204 moments ago. I work 40 hours a week (in the process of moving upwards, so there might be a bit of a mental drain the first few months) and am planning to volunteer at my local library. That should probably be enough to keep me busy, yes?

I'm wondering if anyone wants to start a Southern California study/support group(s.) I posted the same question at a yahoo group and got two responses so far. Two of us are from Pasadena and one from Simi Valley.

I had registered for:

200 - Liu
202 - MacKay
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